domingo, 10 de abril de 2011

Shark vs. Dolphins

Nature has many gifts to offer to humans such as various types of plants, several remarkable seasons, as well as countless types of attractive animals.  It is easy to identify, between these types of animals, two beautiful species that give an extra splendor to the beauty of Nature. Sharks and Dolphins are both attractive and fascinating sea creatures that even though they have different body forms and they reproduce in a diverse way; they both share a same habitat.
               Sharks are dangerous scary creatures that have several kinds of fins that have different functions, such as the pectoral fin, which is “used to control their position in the water and to turn. They work like airplane wings, providing lift”.(Oregon Coast Aquarium). It is said that sharks are shaped like a torpedo, that means it is wide in the middle, but narrow at the edges. Sharks have one of the most potent teeth on Earth. Every type of shark has a diverse type of teeth according to their diet.  In its lifetime it can grow over 20,000 teeth (Kidzone). On the other hand, dolphins are cute human-friendly creatures that have a bottlenose. Their mouth is curved so it looks like a fixed smile. It has pectoral flippers that help the dolphin to steer. It also has a tail fluke and also a blowhole which they use to breath. All these characteristics given before of both of the creatures help them develop within their environment and habitat.

In terms of reproduction, Dolphins reach their mature age at around five to six years old. This is when they begin to practice sexual activities such as rubbing themselves or other dolphins of their opposite sex. After a male and a female dolphin get together, the female dolphin gets pregnant for a period of time that consists of ten to fifteen months. The female dolphin gives birth to its calve, which is a baby dolphin, inside the water. (Animal Life Resource) . On the other side, sharks have internal fertilization. Some are oviparous. They lay eggs which are protected by an outer layer. Some other sharks are ovoviviparous, which are born from eggs as well but they retain the eggs inside their bodies and then liberates the baby shark already developed.
In conclusion, sharks and dolphins are both interesting creatures that are as interesting as many other creatures in the world. They are both unique thanks to their appealing characteristics and way of living. They can be differenced by their dissimilar body forms and their unlike reproductions. Sharks and dolphins share same habitats that makes them more attractive creatures that are enjoyable to stare and to appreciate.

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